I'm born in the Netherlands and currently living in the UK, where I have a job in medical communications. I love to write, read, and edit, both in creative and scientific genres.

Since I started studying in 2009 I've done most of my reading and writing in English. I've completed my Bachelor and Master theses, and have enjoyed helping fellow students, friends, and family members perfect their written assignments.

If you're not sure if your project can use editing, no worries. I'll take a look at the first one or two pages and send you my suggestions. In turn, you can see if my skills are what you're looking for. Have a look at the offer pages.




Course "Writing in the Sciences", Nov – Dec 2017
Stanford University, online via

Veterinary Medicine , M.Sc. Equine Sciences, 2012 – 2015
Utrecht University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Netherlands

Course “Ethics of Animal Use”, Sep – Oct 2014
Utrecht University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Netherlands

Course “Writing in the Sciences”, Nov – Dec 2017
Stanford University, online via Coursera []

Course “Close Reading”, Sep – Oct 2015
Utrecht University, Faculty of Humanities, Netherlands

Veterinary Medicine, B.S, 2009 – 2012
Utrecht University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Netherlands




Medical Information Associate I, May 2017 – present
PPD, Granta Park, Cambridge, UK

Front Desk Receptionist, Feb – Mar 2017
PPD, Bennekom, Netherlands

Internship: research & master thesis “Effects of water height on stride length and range of motion of the equine back on a water treadmill”, Sep – Nov 2014
Utrecht University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Netherlands

Writing assignments (in Dutch and translating English to Dutch), Jun – Jul 2016
Potential Asia, online through UpWork (



Do I pay you?

To start off, I'd like to show you what kind of editing or proofreading I can do for you before we both commit to teaming up. Depending on the pack your project fits, I can do about one to two pages for free, and will send a tailored offer back to you for the rest of the project. Varying with the amount of work and the deadline, I charge £10 to 15 per page of 300 words.

Check out the offer pages, and send me a message.

Do I need an editor?

Whether you're on your first project or you're a veteran in your field, it can be tricky to judge your own writing. Both strengths and pitfalls can go unnoticed, especially when you're working on the text for some time. It's practically impossible to identify your own blind spots - as it is for all of us - so sharing the workload is always useful.

Wanna read more about writing and editing? Check out the blog


Are you experienced?

I've completed a Bachelor and Master in the sciences, and I've spent a lot of hours writing and editing on these education levels. However, I don't have a degree in Academic Writing. Because writing projects are often big investments, I would like to see before I buy if I were you. That's why I will do the first page or two for free, and you can choose if further collaboration is what your project needs.

Please don't hesitate to roam the website, and contact me with any questions.